super 8 movie camera instruction manual

Yashica Super-800 Electro

Electronic 8mm Movie Camera Designed to Use Super-8 Film Cartridges

8X Zoom Lens:
         YASHINON-DX Electric Zoom 7.5mm - 6Omm fIl.6, composed of 15 elements in 12
         groups, with fully automatic zooming system.
         Through-the-Lens reflex viewfinder with provision for dioptric adjustment and ex-
         posure indicator, visible above the viewfinder field.
         Microprism focusing circle; focusing through rotation of the focusing ring; distance
         scale from 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) to infinity.
Exposure System:
         Through-the-Lens CdS metering with SERVOMATIC EXPOSURE CONTROL
         coupled to the lens diaphragm; automatic film speed setting; ASA film speed
         range from 25 to 400; aperture scale (f/1.6 to f132) and under-exposure warning
         signal visible through the viewfinder; incorporates spotlight and backlight control
         system; servo-motor functions on the same set of batteries which supply power for
         the film drive and zooming systems.
Filming Speeds:
         12, 18 and 24 frames per second (fully coupled to the exposure control system), also
         single frames. Electric motor film drive powered by four standard iSV penlight
Other Features:
         Built-in type 85A filter; film type indicator window; battery checker; film run
         checker; automatic film END warning; lamp symbol signalling the use Of a
         movie-light; automatic resetting footage (meter) counter showing length of film ex-
         posed; release lock; continuous run; remote control socket; cable release socket;
         movie light slot; fixed hand grip.
         236 x 74 x 194mm (with grip)
         1,500 grams (3.3 lbs.)

Download the entire Yashica Super-800 Electro Instruction Manual here (4.7 MB zip file)

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