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CIR splicer deluxe CIR splicer deluxe CIR Splicer Special
CIR splicer deluxe
4.341 kB
CIR splicer deluxe
5.496 kB
CIR Splicer Special
8.678 kB
CIR Splicer Special CIR Splicer Special CIR Splicer Special
CIR Splicer Special
6.181 kB
CIR Splicer Special
7.283 kB
CIR Splicer Special
6.207 kB
CIR Splicer CIR splicer Craig Jr
CIR Splicer
1.009 kB
CIR splicer
2.088 kB
Craig Jr
1.376 kB
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For several years I've been collecting images of Super 8 film equipment. I've got more than 1,400 pictures in this Mondofoto Visual Encyclopedia of Super 8. For about 20 years Super 8mm was the most popular home movie format worldwide. I've collected pictures of movie cameras, projectors, editors, and motion picture sound equipment. NOTE: I do not own these items, these are just pictures for your reference and enjoyment. Click on any picture to see a larger view.